ACM Student Research Competition

May 23rd, 2013

16:00 - 17:30

Location: Bayview A
Chair: Tao Xie

Supporting Incremental Programming with Ghosts
Oscar Callaú
University of Chile, Chile
Preprint Available

Novice Understanding of Program Analysis Tool Notifications
Brittany Johnson
North Carolina State University, USA

Energy Aware Self-Adaptation in Mobile Systems
Luca Ardito
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Preprint Available

ConfDiagnoser: An Automated Configuration Error Diagnosis Tool for Java Software
Sai Zhang
University of Washington, USA
Preprint Available

Reproducing and Debugging Field Failures in House
Wei Jin
Georgia Tech, USA

Fault Comprehension for Concurrent Programs
Sangmin Park
Georgia Tech, USA

A Proposal for the Improvement of Project's Cost Predictability using EVM and Historical Data of Cost
Adler Diniz de Souza
UFRJ, Brazil
Preprint Available

Studying the Effect of Co-change Dispersion on Software Quality
Ehsan Kouroshfar
George Mason University, USA
Preprint Available

A Roadmap for Software Maintainability Measurement
Juliana Saraiva
UFPE, Brazil

Reasoning with Qualitative Preferences to Develop Optimal Component-Based Systems
Zachary J. Oster
Iowa State University, USA

From Models to Code and Back: Correct-by-Construction Code from UML and ALF
Federico Ciccozzi
Mälardalen University, Sweden

Mitigating the Obsolescence of Specification Models of Service-Based Systems
Romina Torres
Federico Santa María Technical University, Chile

Decision Theoretic Requirements Prioritization: A Two-Step Approach for Sliding towards Value Realization
Nupul Kukreja
University of Southern California, USA

Changeset Based Developer Communication to Detect Software Failures
Braden Simpson
University of Victoria, Canada

Identifying Failure Inducing Developer Pairs within Developer Networks
Jordan Ell
University of Victoria, Canada

On Identifying User Complaints of iOS Apps
Hammad Khalid
Queen's University, Canada