Automatic Synthesis of Modular Connectors via Composition of Protocol Mediation Patterns

Paola Inverardi and Massimo Tivoli

University of L'Aquila, Italy

Track: Technical Research
Session: Composition
Ubiquitous and pervasive computing promotes the creation of an environment where Networked Systems (NSs) eternally provide connectivity and services without requiring explicit awareness of the underlying communications and computing technologies. In this context, achieving interoperability among heterogeneous NSs represents an important issue. In order to mediate the NSs interaction protocol and solve possible mismatches, connectors are often built. However, connector development is a never-ending and error-prone task and prevents the eternality of NSs. For this reason, in the literature, many approaches propose the automatic synthesis of connectors. However, solving the connector synthesis problem in general is hard and, when possible, it results in a monolithic connector hence preventing its evolution. In this paper, we define a method for the automatic synthesis of modular connectors, each of them expressed as the composition of independent mediators. A modular connector, as synthesized by our method, supports connector evolution and performs correct mediation.