Dynamic Synthesis of Local Time Requirement for Service Composition

Tian Huat Tan, Étienne André, Jun Sun, Yang Liu, Jin Song Dong, and Manman Chen

National University of Singapore, Singapore; Université Paris 13, France; Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Track: Technical Research
Session: Performance
Service composition makes use of existing service-based applications as components to achieve a business goal. In time critical business environments, the response time of a service is crucial, which is also reflected as a clause in service level agreements (SLAs) between service providers and service users. To allow the composite service to fulfill the response time requirement as promised, it is important to find a feasible set of component services, such that their response time could collectively allow the satisfaction of the response time of the composite service. In this work, we propose a fully automated approach to synthesize the response time requirement of component services, in the form of a constraint on the local response times, that guarantees the global response time requirement. Our approach is based on parameter synthesis techniques for real-time systems. It has been implemented and evaluated with real-world case studies.