The ICSE 2013 mentoring program provides prospective submitters to the research track the opportunity to obtain advice on the structure and content of a prospective submission.

Mentors will be members of a prior (not the current) ICSE research track program selection committee or experienced past authors of ICSE technical papers. Mentors will spend at least three hours reviewing a submission, and will provide high-level feedback on its structure and content. A mentor may also suggest the work is more suitable for another track at ICSE. Mentors will be anonymous unless they choose to identify themselves.


This program is available to prospective submitters who have not yet published a research track article at ICSE or at another major ACM SIGSOFT-sponsored conference (e.g., FSE, ASE, etc.). The resources of the mentoring program are limited and access to a mentor is not guaranteed. To make the best use of the program, submissions to the mentoring program must meet the following requirements:

  • None of the authors must have previously published at ICSE or a major related conference, or be working under the direct or indirect supervision of a researcher who has previously published in the above-mentioned venues. The goal of the mentoring program is to help grow the ICSE community, so prospective authors who already have access to a mentor in the community should not apply to the program.
  • To have a mostly-complete manuscript ready by 15 June 2012. To provide concrete and constructive advice, a mentor must be able to assess the complete status of the work. Papers submitted to the mentoring program should be at least 9 pages long and describe all contributions and results.
  • To submit a polished manuscript. Mentors will offer suggestions on the structure and content of the paper, but will not provide basic editorial services. So that mentors can make the most of their reviewing time, papers submitted to the mentoring program should be spelled-checked and carefully reviewed for missing words and obvious grammatical problems. Authors with limited experience writing in English should first arrange for their paper to be reviewed by a fluent English speaker before submitting it for mentoring.

Papers that meet the above requirements will be forwarded to the available mentor with the best matching expertise. Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis while mentors remain available, but until 15 June 2012 at the latest.

How to Request a Mentor

To request a mentor, please upload your manuscript to the web site of the mentoring program:

You may request a mentor once anytime between 1 April 2012 and 15 June 2012. We strongly recommend that you request a mentor early so you have sufficient time to incorporate the mentor's feedback. Following your submission, you should receive feedback about your eligibility to the program within a week.

Please address additional questions to the ICSE 2013 Mentoring Program Chair: Martin Robillard