Product Lines

Track: Technical Research
When: May 23, 2013 16:00
Location: Grand Ballroom B
Chair: Jean-Marc Jézéquel

Beyond Boolean Product-Line Model Checking: Dealing with Feature Attributes and Multi-features

Maxime Cordy, Pierre-Yves Schobbens, Patrick Heymans, and Axel Legay
University of Namur, Belgium; IRISA, France; INRIA, France; University of Liège, Belgium

Strategies for Product-Line Verification: Case Studies and Experiments

Sven Apel, Alexander von Rhein, Philipp Wendler, Armin Größlinger, and Dirk Beyer
University of Passau, Germany

On the Value of User Preferences in Search-Based Software Engineering: A Case Study in Software Product Lines

Abdel Salam Sayyad, Tim Menzies, and Hany Ammar
West Virginia University, USA