Robust Reconfigurations of Component Assemblies

Fabienne Boyer, Olivier Gruber, and Damien Pous

Université Joseph Fourier, France; CNRS, France

Track: Technical Research
Session: Composition
In this paper, we propose a reconfiguration protocol that can handle any number of failures during a reconfiguration, always producing an architecturally-consistent assembly of components that can be safely introspected and further reconfigured. Our protocol is based on the concept of Incrementally Consistent Sequences (ICS), ensuring that any reconfiguration incrementally respects the reconfiguration contract given to component developers: reconfiguration grammar and architectural invariants. We also propose two recovery policies, one rolls back the failed reconfiguration and the other rolls it forward, both going as far as possible, failure permitting. We specified and proved the reconfiguration contract, the protocol, and recovery policies in Coq.