Software Engineering in Education

May 22, 2013

13:30 - 15:30

16:00 - 18:00

Teaching Introductory Software Engineering

Location: Marina
Chair: Laurie Williams

An Evaluation of Interactive Test-Driven Labs with WebIDE in CS0
David S. Janzen, John Clements, and Michael Hilton

POPT: A Problem-Oriented Programming and Testing Approach for Novice Students
Vicente Lustosa Neto, Roberta Coelho, Larissa Leite, Dalton S. Guerrero, and Andrea P. Mendonça

Teaching Developer Skills in the First Software Engineering Course
Václav Rajlich
Preprint Available

Teaching and Learning Programming and Software Engineering via Interactive Gaming
Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, Sumit Gulwani, and Judith Bishop

May 23, 2013

13:30 - 15:30

Panel: Town Hall Discussion of SE 2004 Revisions

Location: Marina
Chair: Debra Richardson

Town Hall Discussion of SE 2004 Revisions (Panel)
Mark Ardis, David Budgen, Gregory W. Hislop, Jeff Offutt, Mark Sebern, and Willem Visser

16:00 - 17:45

Advanced Software Engineering Education

Location: Marina
Chair: Rafael Prikladnicki

Teaching Students Global Software Engineering Skills using Distributed Scrum
Maria Paasivaara, Casper Lassenius, Daniela Damian, Petteri Räty, and Adrian Schröter

Teaching Software Process Modeling
Marco Kuhrmann, Daniel Méndez Fernández, and Jürgen Münch
Preprint Available

Industry Involvement in ICT Curriculum: A Comparative Survey
Chris J. Pilgrim

Vulnerability of the Day: Concrete Demonstrations for Software Engineering Undergraduates
Andrew Meneely and Samuel Lucidi