Software Engineering in Practice

Please be sure to attend The Lean Mindset, our Keynote by Mary Poppendieck, on Friday, May 24th!

May 22, 2013

10:30 - 12:00

Technical Debt: Past, Present, and Future

Location: Seacliff A/B
Chair: Steven Fraser

Technical Debt: Past, Present, and Future (Panel)
Steven Fraser, Judith Bishop, Barry Boehm, Pradeep Kathail, Philippe Kruchten, Ipek Ozkaya, and Alexandra Szynkarski

13:30 - 15:30

Agile and Distributed Practices

Location: Seacliff A/B
Chair: Romain Robbes

Scaling Agile Methods to Regulated Environments: An Industry Case Study
Brian Fitzgerald, Klaas-Jan Stol, Ryan O'Sullivan, and Donal O'Brien
Preprint Available

Agility at Scale: Economic Governance, Measured Improvement, and Disciplined Delivery
Alan W. Brown, Scott Ambler, and Walker Royce

Distributed Development Considered Harmful?
Ekrem Kocaguneli, Thomas Zimmermann, Christian Bird, Nachiappan Nagappan, and Tim Menzies
Preprint Available  

16:00 - 17:30

Software Architecture

Location: Seacliff A/B
Chair: Xavier Franch

Measuring Architecture Quality by Structure Plus History Analysis
Robert Schwanke, Lu Xiao, and Yuanfang Cai

Obtaining Ground-Truth Software Architectures
Joshua Garcia, Ivo Krka, Chris Mattmann, and Nenad Medvidovic

MIDAS: A Design Quality Assessment Method for Industrial Software
Ganesh Samarthyam, Girish Suryanarayana, Tushar Sharma, and Shrinath Gupta

Metrics and Evaluation

Location: Seacliff C/D
Chair: Carlos Castro-Herrera

Evaluating Usefulness of Software Metrics: An Industrial Experience Report
Eric Bouwers, Arie van Deursen, and Joost Visser
Preprint Available

Reducing Human Effort and Improving Quality in Peer Code Reviews using Automatic Static Analysis and Reviewer Recommendation
Vipin Balachandran

Estimating Software-Intensive Projects in the Absence of Historical Data
Aldo Dagnino

May 23, 2013

10:30 - 12:00


Location: Seacliff A/B
Chair: Dongmei Zhang / Tao Xie

Pathways to Technology Transfer and Adoption: Achievements and Challenges (Mini-Tutorial)
Dongmei Zhang and Tao Xie

13:30 - 15:30

Case Studies

Location: Seacliff A/B
Chair: Erik Simmons

User Involvement in Software Evolution Practice: A Case Study
Dennis Pagano and Bernd Brügge

A Characteristic Study on Failures of Production Distributed Data-Parallel Programs SEIP Best Paper
Sihan Li, Hucheng Zhou, Haoxiang Lin, Tian Xiao, Haibo Lin, Wei Lin, and Tao Xie

Is Time-Zone Proximity an Advantage for Software Development? The Case of the Brazilian IT Industry
Rafael Prikladnicki and Erran Carmel

A Study of Enabling Factors for Rapid Fielding: Combined Practices to Balance Speed and Stability
Stephany Bellomo, Robert L. Nord, and Ipek Ozkaya

16:00 - 17:30


Location: Seacliff A/B
Chair: Mike Whalen

JST: An Automatic Test Generation Tool for Industrial Java Applications with Strings
Indradeep Ghosh, Nastaran Shafiei, Guodong Li, and Wei-Fan Chiang

Efficient and Change-Resilient Test Automation: An Industrial Case Study
Suresh Thummalapenta, Pranavadatta Devaki, Saurabh Sinha, Satish Chandra, Sivagami Gnanasundaram, Deepa D. Nagaraj, and Sampathkumar Sathishkumar

Automatic Detection of Performance Deviations in the Load Testing of Large Scale Systems
Haroon Malik, Hadi Hemmati, and Ahmed E. Hassan
Preprint Available  

May 24, 2013

10:30 - 12:00

Bug Detection

Location: Bayview A
Chair: Robert Schwanke

Detecting Inconsistencies in Wrappers: A Case Study
Henning Femmer, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, and David McComas
Preprint Available

Categorizing Bugs with Social Networks: A Case Study on Four Open Source Software Communities
Marcelo Serrano Zanetti, Ingo Scholtes, Claudio Juan Tessone, and Frank Schweitzer
Preprint Available

Predicting Bug-Fixing Time: An Empirical Study of Commercial Software Projects
Hongyu Zhang, Liang Gong, and Steve Versteeg