Authors of all ICSE contributions are encouraged to submit a Teaser video.  Please see below for instructions on how to format your video.

Check out our current teaser videos. Hopefully this motivates you to submit your own Teaser video for your ICSE contribution!

Teaser videos will:

  • advertise your presentation
  • be shown to conference attendees in a special session during the morning each day
  • be visible on the ICSE 2013 YouTube channel before, during, and after the conference

Teaser videos are optional. If you do not submit a teaser video, during the special morning session during the conference, the name of your full talk, the authors' names, and the location of the full talk will be briefly shown.


Your teaser presentation must be:

  • 25 seconds or less
  • Posted by:
    • March 15th, if you would like your video used as early publicity for the conference
    • May 1st, otherwise


How to Submit

Please email a YouTube URL your teaser to captain.emerson+ICSE13teasers@gmail.com or submit your link through the submission webpage you may have received as part of your acceptance notification email.


Reid Holmes, rtholmes@cs.uwaterloo.ca
Emerson Murphy-Hill, emerson@csc.ncsu.edu
Ben Wiedermann, benw@cs.hmc.edu