Alternative Modeling

Track: New Ideas and Emerging Results
When: May 23, 2013 13:30
Location: Bayview A
Chair: Nenad Medvidovic

Bottom-Up Model-Driven Development

Hamid Bagheri and Kevin Sullivan
University of Virginia, USA

An Approach for Restructuring Text Content

Lerina Aversano, Gerardo Canfora, Giuseppe De Ruvo, and Maria Tortorella
University of Sannio, Italy

A Case for Human-Driven Software Development

Emilie Balland, Charles Consel, Bernard N'Kaoua, and Hélène Sauzéon
University of Bordeaux, France; INRIA, France

A Framework for Managing Cloned Product Variants

Julia Rubin and Marsha Chechik
IBM Research, Israel; University of Toronto, Canada

Sketching Software in the Wild

David Socha and Josh Tenenberg
University of Washington, USA