Post-Conference Downloads

Selected ICSE 2013 Photos

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Tribute to David Notkin

Opening / Closing Sessions

Conference Keynotes

Are Software Patents Bad?

Pamela Samuelson (UC Berkeley)

The Connection between Movie Making and Software Development

Tony DeRose (Pixar Research Group)

Does Scale Really Matter? Ultra-Large-Scale Systems Seven Years after the Study

Linda Northrop (Software Engineering Institute)

Software Engineering in Practice

Invited Speaker Mary Poppendieck on "The Lean Mindset"
- more to follow

Workshop Keynotes

Automation of Software Test (AST) Workshop

Jerry Gao (San Jose State University) and Wei-Tek Tsai (Arizona State Universtiy) on “Testing as a Service on Cloud” in Automation of Software Test (AST) workshop

Modeling in Software Engineering (MiSE) workshop

Michael Whalen (University of Minnesota) on “Why We Model: Using MBD Effectively in Critical Domains” and Lionel Briand (University of Luxembourg) on “Experience with Research/Industry Modeling Projects"

GAS (Games and Software Engineering) workshop

Dan Russell (Google) on “Understanding User Behavior at Three Scales”

CMSBSE (Combining Modelling and Search-Based Software Engineering) workshop

Betty Cheng (Michigan State University) on “Harnessing Evolutionary Computation to Enable Dynamically Adaptive Systems to Manage Uncertainty”

GREENS (Green and Sustainable Software) workshop

Schahram Dustdar (Technical University of Vienna, Austria) on “Green Software Services – From Requirements to Business Models

MTD (Managing Technical Debt) workshop

Steve McConnell (Construx) on "Managing Technical Debt"

CESI (Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry) workshop

Barry Boehm (University of Southern California) on “Parametric Models: Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry

RELENG (Release Engineering) workshop

John O’Duinn (Mozilla) on “Release Engineering as a force-multiplier” and Roman Scheiter (LinkedIn) on "Against All Odds – Completely Overhauling Linkedin's Release Process

SESENA (Software Engineering for Sensor Network Applications) workshop

Philip Levis (Stanford University) on "Experiences from a Decade of TinyOS Development" and Mary Lou Soffa (University of Virginia)

TOPI (Tools as PlugIns) workshop

Dustin Campbell ( Microsoft) on “Project Roslyn: Exposing the C# and VB compilers’ code analysis

TwinPeaks (Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture) workshop

Rich Hilliard on “Surveying the Twin Peaks

WETSOM (Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Metrics) workshop

Mark Harman (University College London, UK) on “The relationship between metrics and Search Based Software Engineering”

RAISE (Realizing Artificial Intelligence Synergies in Software Engineering) workshop

Tao Xie (North Carolina State University) on “The Synergy of Human and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering” and John Clark (University of York, UK) on “SE and AI: a two-way street”

CHASE (Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering) workshop

James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) on “Grounded Theory in Agile Software Development

FormaliSE (Formal Methods in Software Engineering) workshop

Alan Wassyng (McMaster University, Canada) on “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method in It?"

MOBS (Mobile Enabled Systems) workshop

Martin Griss (Software Engineering Institute) on “Making Smart Communities Resilient

PESOS (Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems) workshop

Marija Mikic-Rakic (Google) on “SOA in the Google Cloud”

Available Technical Track Presentations

Creating a Shared Understanding of Testing Culture on a Social Coding Site

Raphael Pham, Leif Singer, Olga Liskin, Fernando Figueira Filho, and Kurt Schneider