CEL: Modeling Everywhere

Remo Lemma, Michele Lanza, and Fernando Olivero

University of Lugano, Switzerland

Track: Formal Tool Demonstrations
Session: Formal Demonstrations 2
The design of object-oriented systems starts with modeling, a process to identify core concepts and their relations. Mainstream modeling techniques can be either informal (white board, CRC cards, etc.) or formal (e.g., UML editors). The former support well the creative modeling process, but their output is difficult to store, process and maintain. The latter reduce these problems, at the expense of creativity and productivity because they are tedious and not trivial to use. We present CEL, a touch- and gesture-based iPad application to rapidly create, manipulate, and store language agnostic object- oriented software models, based on a minimal set of constructs. Demo video URL: http://youtu.be/icQVS6w0jTE.