Computational Alignment of Goals and Scenarios for Complex Systems

Dalal Alrajeh, Alessandra Russo, James Lockerbie, Neil Maiden, Alistair Mavin, and Mark Novak

Imperial College London, UK; City University London, UK; Rolls Royce, UK

Track: New Ideas and Emerging Results
Session: Posters
The purpose of requirements validation is to determine whether a large requirements set will lead to the achievement of system-related goals under different conditions a task that needs automation if it is to be performed quickly and accurately. One reason for the current lack of software tools to undertake such validation is the absence of the computational mechanisms needed to associate scenario, system specification and goal analysis tools. Therefore, in this paper, we report first research experiments in developing these new capabilities, and demonstrate them with a non-trivial example associated with a Rolls Royce aircraft engine software component.