Example-Driven Modeling: Model = Abstractions + Examples

Kacper Bak, Dina Zayan, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Michal Antkiewicz, Zinovy Diskin, Andrzej Wasowski, and Derek Rayside

University of Waterloo, Canada; IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Track: New Ideas and Emerging Results
Session: Posters
We propose Example-Driven Modeling (EDM), an approach that systematically uses explicit examples for eliciting, modeling, verifying, and validating complex business knowledge. It emphasizes the use of explicit examples together with abstractions, both for presenting information and when exchanging models. We formulate hypotheses as to why modeling should include explicit examples, discuss how to use the examples, and the required tool support. Building upon results from cognitive psychology and software engineering, we challenge mainstream practices in structural modeling and suggest future directions.