Query Quality Prediction and Reformulation for Source Code Search: The Refoqus Tool

Sonia Haiduc, Giuseppe De Rosa, Gabriele Bavota, Rocco Oliveto, Andrea De Lucia, and Andrian Marcus

Wayne State University, USA; University of Salerno, Italy; University of Molise, Italy

Track: Formal Tool Demonstrations
Session: Formal Demonstrations 1
Developers search source code frequently during their daily tasks, to find pieces of code to reuse, to find where to implement changes, etc. Code search based on text retrieval (TR) techniques has been widely used in the software engineering community during the past decade. The accuracy of the TR-based search results depends largely on the quality of the query used. We introduce Refoqus, an Eclipse plugin which is able to automatically detect the quality of a text retrieval query and to propose reformulations for it, when needed, in order to improve the results of TR-based code search. A video of Refoqus is found online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQlWGiauyk4.