Seahawk: Stack Overflow in the IDE

Luca Ponzanelli, Alberto Bacchelli, and Michele Lanza

University of Lugano, Switzerland

Track: Formal Tool Demonstrations
Session: Formal Demonstrations 1
Services, such as Stack Overflow, offer a web platform to programmers for discussing technical issues, in form of Question and Answers (Q&A). Since Q&A services store the discussions, the generated crowd knowledge can be accessed and consumed by a large audience for a long time. Nevertheless, Q&A services are detached from the development environments used by programmers: Developers have to tap into this crowd knowledge through web browsers and cannot smoothly integrate it into their workflow. This situation hinders part of the benefits of Q&A services. To better leverage the crowd knowledge of Q&A services, we created Seahawk, an Eclipse plugin that supports an integrated and largely automated approach to assist programmers using Stack Overflow. Seahawk formulates queries automatically from the active context in the IDE, presents a ranked and interactive list of results, lets users import code samples in discussions through drag & drop and link Stack Overflow discussions and source code persistently as a support for team work. Video Demo URL: