Supporting Maintenance Tasks on Transformational Code Generation Environments

Victor Guana

University of Alberta, Canada

Track: Doctoral Symposium

At the core of model-driven software development, model-transformation compositions enable automatic generation of executable artifacts from models. Although the advantages of transformational software development have been explored by numerous academics and industry practitioners, adoption of the paradigm continues to be slow, and limited to specific domains. The main challenge to adoption is the fact that maintenance tasks, such as analysis and management of model-transformation compositions and reflecting code changes to model transformations, are still largely unsupported by tools. My dissertation aims at enhancing the field's understanding around the maintenance issues in transformational software development, and at supporting the tasks involved in the synchronization of evolving system features with their generation environments. This paper discusses the three main aspects of the envisioned thesis: (a) complexity analysis of model-transformation compositions, (b) system feature localization and tracking in model-transformation compositions, and (c) refactoring of transformation compositions to improve their qualities.