Towards Automated Testing and Fixing of Re-engineered Feature Models

Christopher Henard, Mike Papadakis, Gilles Perrouin, Jacques Klein, and Yves Le Traon

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; University of Namur, Belgium

Track: New Ideas and Emerging Results
Session: Posters
Mass customization of software products requires their efficient tailoring performed through combination of features. Such features and the constraints linking them can be represented by Feature Models (FMs), allowing formal analysis, derivation of specific variants and interactive configuration. Since they are seldom present in existing systems, techniques to re-engineer FMs have been proposed. There are nevertheless error-prone and require human intervention. This paper introduces an automated search-based process to test and fix FMs so that they adequately represent actual products. Preliminary evaluation on the Linux kernel FM exhibit erroneous FM constraints and significant reduction of the inconsistencies.