Using Mutation Analysis for a Model-Clone Detector Comparison Framework

Matthew Stephan, Manar H. Alalfi, Andrew Stevenson, and James R. Cordy

Queen's University, Canada

Track: New Ideas and Emerging Results
Session: Posters
Model-clone detection is a relatively new area and there are a number of different approaches in the literature. As the area continues to mature, it becomes necessary to evaluate and compare these approaches and validate new ones that are introduced. We present a mutation-analysis based model-clone detection framework that attempts to automate and standardize the process of comparing multiple Simulink model-clone detection tools or variations of the same tool. By having such a framework, new research directions in the area of model-clone detection can be facilitated as the framework can be used to validate new techniques as they arise. We begin by presenting challenges unique to model-clone tool comparison including recall calculation, the nature of the clones, and the clone report representation. We propose our framework, which we believe addresses these challenges. This is followed by a presentation of the mutation operators that we plan to inject into our Simulink models that will introduce variations of all the different model clone types that can then be searched for by each respective model-clone detector.