From Models to Code and Back: Correct-by-Construction Code from UML and ALF

Federico Ciccozzi

Mälardalen University, Sweden

Track: ACM Student Research Competition

Ever increasing complexity of modern software systems demands new powerful development mechanisms. Model-driven engineering (MDE) can ease the development process through problem abstraction and automated code generation from models. In order for MDE solutions to be trusted, such generation should preserve the system's properties defined at modelling level, both functional and extra-functional, all the way down to the target code. The outcome of our research is an approach that aids the preservation of system's properties in MDE of embedded systems. More specifically, we provide generation of full source code from design models defined using the CHESS-ML, monitoring of selected extra-functional properties at code level, and back-propagation of observed values to design models. The approach is validated against industrial case-studies in the telecommunications applicative domain.