Authentic Assessment in Software Engineering Education Based on PBL Principles: A Case Study in the Telecom Market

Simone C. dos Santos and Felipe S. F. Soares

UFPE, Brazil; Recife Center of Advanced Studies and Systems, Brazil

Track: Software Engineering in Education
Session: Problem-Based and Studio Learning
The continuous growth of the use of Information and Communication Technology in different sectors of the market calls out for software professionals with the qualifications needed to solve complex and diverse problems. Innovative teaching methodologies, such as the "Software Internship" model and PBL teaching approaches that are learner-centered and focus on bringing market reality to the learning environment, have been developed and implemented with a view to meeting this demand. However, the effectiveness of these methods cannot always be satisfactorily proved. Prompted by this, this paper proposes a model for assessing students based on real market practices while preserving the authenticity of the learning environment. To evaluate this model, a case study on skills training for software specialists for the Telecom market is discussed, and presents important results that show the applicability of the proposed model for teaching Software Engineering.