Problem-Based and Studio Learning

Track: Software Engineering in Education
When: May 22, 2013 13:30
Location: Marina
Chair: Janet Burge

Authentic Assessment in Software Engineering Education Based on PBL Principles: A Case Study in the Telecom Market

Simone C. dos Santos and Felipe S. F. Soares
UFPE, Brazil; Recife Center of Advanced Studies and Systems, Brazil

Studios in Software Engineering Education: Towards an Evaluable Model

Christopher N. Bull, Jon Whittle, and Leon Cruickshank
Lancaster University, UK

Enabling a Classroom Design Studio with a Collaborative Sketch Design Tool

Dastyni Loksa, Nicolas Mangano, Thomas D. LaToza, and André van der Hoek
UC Irvine, USA

A Framework to Evaluate Software Engineering Student Contests: Evaluation and Integration with Academic Programs

Amir Zeid
American University of Kuwait, Kuwait